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Dual-Sculpting by Dr. Michael McKelvey

CoolSculpting is hot. It has given millions of people an effective, safe, non-surgical way to remove unwanted fat. As with all technology, medical procedures are constantly evolving, making them more effective and more convenient to the patient. One of the latest innovations is the concept of Dual-Sculpting.

Dual-Sculpting Makes Sense

While patient satisfaction is extremely high for the CoolSculpting procedure, given its effectiveness and minimal discomfort, a common complaint is the length of treatment. Dual-Sculpting involves the use of two CoolSculpting machines simultaneously. It only makes sense – we are always treating in twos – two love handles, two thighs, two upper arms, etc. A standard CoolSculpting cycle takes 35 minutes to perform. Given that most patients have 4-8 cycles performed in a session, that can take nearly five hours to perform without taking any breaks. Dual-Sculpting cuts that time in half, allowing for a much more manageable timeframe of a few hours for patients to work into their schedules.

Maximize Your Results; Minimize Your Time

Dual-Sculpting is a great option for working professionals and students trying to maximize their results and minimize their time off. If you are considering a CoolSculpting procedure, seeking out a provider that offers Dual-Sculpting will be worth your time by saving you time.



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