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Meet the Founder of Bright Girl Cosmetics - Skin Care for Teens and Tweens

Meet Dr. Angela Casey, Columbus-area dermatologist and mother to three girls, and the founder of Bright Girl skincare.

Dr. McKelvey sat down with Dr. Casey for chat to find out more about her fun, elevated skincare line for teens and tweens.

Quality Skin Care for Teens and Tweens

In the video, Dr. Casey shares how Bright Girl was developed and tested, and discusses the importance of building the line around clinically proven ingredients.

The doctors talk about the impact of social media on the young people of today and also consider how beauty seems to have won out over good skincare in many mediums.

Skin Care = Self Care

Despite the overwhelming impact of social media, Dr. Casey suggests that skincare, which is one important piece of overall self-care, can help young people feel empowered and in control. And good skin care at early ages sets the stage for healthy habits in life.

Visit our offices to see the Bright Girl products we carry, or find the whole line online at Bright Girl.



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