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Bright Girl Skin Care for Teens and Tweens: Why I love this skin care line and use it myself!

Skin Care Regimens for Teens and Tweens

One of the most wonderful things about being a dermatologist is that our specialty allows us to care for patients of all ages. Furthermore,

A young girl using Bright Girl Tone

we get to share our love of skin care products with patients in order to help them to develop and maintain healthy skin and feel confident about their appearance.

Dermatologists are experts in the skin, hair, and nails, and we are also trained in designing optimal skin care regimens for patients with a variety of different skin diseases. Dermatologists study the ingredients in skincare products, their effect on the skin, their potential adverse effects, as well as the scientific data that support our recommendations.

While social media, especially TikTok, is utilized by many tweens and teens who are looking for recommendations as to how to care of their skin, the reality is that the so-called ‘influencers’ on TikTok in many cases are not skin experts and don’t know what’s best for an individual’s specific skin. In our office, we frequently see young patients who are interested in taking care of their skin (you go girl!), but are spending a lot of money and using complicated regimens. We think we have a simple and effective and reasonably produced solution to help!

Bright Girl - A Simple, Affordable Skin Care Line for Teens and Tweens

Enter Dr. Angela Casey, a Columbus dermatologist, skin cancer surgeon, and mother of three daughters who saw a need to provide outstanding, safe, simple skin care products for teens. She designed the Bright Girl skin care line to instruct and encourage girls how to cleanse, moisturize and protect their skin with products that are not only effective and safe, but that feel wonderful when applied to the skin!

Good skin care starts young and doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

As a user myself of the Bright Girl line, I want to share a few of my favorites.

  • I really love the Bright Tone Hydrating Toner— so different from a typical drying witch hazel-based toner. This toner is gentle and moisturizing and it’s so satisfying to see any leftover dirt or makeup appear on the cotton pad after I wipe my face after cleansing!

  • The Calm +Bright Calming Face Mask is a perfect 10-minute mask that I love to use in the bathtub to further enhance my relaxation. My face feels SO smooth after use. Great for all skin types!

  • The SPF 44 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen (chemical free) contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E in a lightweight moisturizing base. The perfect tint for most skin types. I won’t go anywhere EVER without a moisturizer with SPF.

I hope parents and teens will embrace this dermatologist-designed Bright Girl line. Take care of your skin and enjoy the confidence that comes with it!

Enjoy 10% off in August on Bright Girl products as we welcome our kids back to school!


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