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Decrease the appearance of facial wrinkles

As the holidays approach, gift giving can be one of the most joyous and also the most stressful aspects of the season. But it doesn’t have to be! 

The injectable neurotoxin JeuveauⓇ has joined BotoxⓇ, DysportⓇ, and XeominⓇ as the latest injectable wrinkle-reducing treatment available to dermatologists. These medications work by temporarily blocking the ability to contract small muscles under the skin that cause wrinkling of the forehead, glabella (the space between the eyebrows), nose, and around the eyes.

BotoxⓇ is now nearly 20 years old and has had an amazing run as one of the most popular, safe, and effective cosmetic treatments ever developed. Since 2002, our cars, TVs, and phones have continued to evolve, and now our cosmetic treatments have evolved as well. JeuveauⓇ uses the same botulinum toxin type A found in BotoxⓇ, but uses modern purification techniques — their Hi-Pure technology — to create a product that many patients find works faster and longer than original BotoxⓇ.

It’s Your Skin, and It’s Your Choice

For patients still loyal to BotoxⓇ, we continue to offer the classic. Why mess with success? But for individuals new to neurotoxin treatment and for those looking to take their treatments to the next level, JeuveauⓇ may be an excellent choice.

Not only can we see a faster onset of action and longer results in some patients, but it typically comes at a lower price. Since all neurotoxin treatments only last around three months and the wrinkles will return if treatment is not maintained, we have developed Club JeuveauⓇ for patients that want to keep and maintain their youthful appearance.

Join Club JeuveauⓇ and Save Money!

Club JeuveauⓇ allows patients to pay up-front for four sessions of JeuveauⓇ treatment for the price of three sessions, during one calendar year. This allows for continuing maintenance of wrinkle prevention at 25% off of prices that are already lower than BotoxⓇ. Most patients will save up to $595 a year!

Call the office today to schedule a consultation to find out how you can eliminate facial wrinkles and keep your results. Club JeuveauⓇ gives you the latest technology and lasting success!



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