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Thinking of Getting Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau or Xeomin? Read this first.

by Dr. Michael McKelvey

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing to have neurotoxin injections to help combat signs of aging in your skin. 

  1. What brand are you receiving? Currently there are four neurotoxins that are FDA approved for cosmetic use in the US: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau. These are all derivatives of botulinum toxin and work by the same mechanism to block the ability of small muscles of the face to contract and cause wrinkling of the skin.

  2. Who is injecting? Legal injectors in Ohio fall into several categories: board-certified physicians in aesthetic fields (i.e. Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons), non-specialist physicians, nurse practitioners/physician assistants, dentists, and registered nurses. Anyone without one of these credentials is not legally allowed to inject a neurotoxin. Physicians in aesthetic fields typically have procedure training as part of their three to five-year residency training. Other physicians and dentists can inject, but they are typically taught how to do so through cosmetic courses that can be as short as a single day of training.  Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Registered Nurses may only inject when under the direction of a supervising physician and may have been trained by their employers or through a cosmetic course.

  3. What if something goes wrong?  Side effects of improper neurotoxin treatment include eyelid droop, blurry vision, and facial asymmetry. Even the most experienced injector will occasionally experience one of these side effects. The better trained your injector, the better equipped they are to take care of and remedy the situation if an unexpected outcome takes place. Aesthetic specialists like the physicians here at Northeast Dermatology are often called upon to “fix” these unanticipated results. Be aware of who you are placing your trust in.

  4. Is a neurotoxin even the right treatment?  Not all wrinkles will respond to neurotoxin treatment. Only those caused by underlying muscle movement will significantly reduce. An aesthetic specialist physician will not only be able to educate you on the appropriateness of the treatment and what kind of results to realistically expect, but can also offer alternative therapies when they are more appropriate.

Trust an Experienced Physician for Injections

The physicians at Northeast Dermatology have experience, both with patients and on ourselves, with all four products.  When you go to choose which neurotoxin injectable is right for you, the honest truth is that in most clinical situations, the differences in the activity of the products is nearly indistinguishable. They have similar speed of onset, effectiveness, and duration of effect.    Many  people still prefer Botox as the longtime brand standard, but consistent, year-over-year price increases have led patients to take a serious look at the alternatives. Currently, although we still offer branded Botox injections, Jeuveau is our preferred product at Northeast. Both are derived from the same botulinum toxin, but they use different purification techniques. With our Club Jeuveau program, patients can save 25% on their yearly neurotoxin cost and still get all of the same results. Call us or book online today to learn more about having a qualified and experienced aesthetic specialist physician do your neurotoxin injections!



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