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Three Reasons Winter is the Perfect Time to Remove Unwanted Hair

Even though we aren’t fans of sunbathing, even your friendly local dermatologists can daydream about being warm again, lounging poolside (under an umbrella with plenty of sunscreen, of course!) Long sunny days by the beach or pool might feel like a fantasy right now, thanks to night coming earlier than ever and temperatures hovering near freezing, but now is the perfect time to get started with laser hair removal.

Here are three great reasons to get rid of your unwanted hair now, using our pain-free Motus AX laser hair removal device:

1. Your recent sun exposure has been minimal

For the best results from any kind of laser hair removal, we like to make sure you’ve been out of the sun as much as possible in the weeks before treatment. Tanned skin, or skin recently exposed to the sun is more sensitive to heat, and since we use a laser for treatment, there is a higher risk for unwanted side effects if you’re sporting a tan when you come in for treatment.

The laser we use is very safe, and the procedure is pain free, thanks to the technology it employs, but it’s still important to follow the guidelines suggested to ensure the most successful treatment possible. Infrequent side effects could include hyperpigmentation or burns if your skin is tanned.

Bring us your pale winter skin, and we’ll help ensure it’s ready for summer!

2. You’re more likely to keep your skin dry in winter time

Even the most avid exerciser has a tougher time breaking a sweat when it’s freezing outside, and we recommend avoiding any perspiration or wetness for at least twenty-four hours after treatment. Why? Even though the process of laser hair removal is painless, your hair follicles will still be sensitive after the procedure. Exposure to perspiration could introduce bacteria to the areas treated, which might lead to a rash or even a skin infection. Spas and swimming pools contain chemicals that could also aggravate sensitive treated skin. Winter takes away the temptation to take a quick dip in the pool, and you’re not going to perspire just walking outside the way you might in the summertime!

3. If you start now, you’ll be hair-free by summer!

Laser hair removal takes several treatments spaced four to six weeks apart. If you start today, you can be free of unwanted hair by the time you’re ready to put on your suit and hit the beach!

What you need to know about laser hair removal

Learn everything you need to know about laser hair removal in our blog post here, and schedule your appointment today!



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