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Fat Transfer


Over the years, time and gravity help shape our faces in ways we may not appreciate. When we were younger, our faces were not affected by gravity in the same way because they were cushioned by fat, which provides a good foundation for smooth and creaseless skin. As we age and our muscles and skin lose some of their elasticity, this fat cushion dissipates. We may develop deep creases, receding lips, or sunken cheeks which detract from our appearance.

> Bleharoplasty (Eye Lift)

> Botox®/Jeuveau®

> Chemical Peels

> CoolSculpting

> CO2 Laser Resurfacing

> Cryotherapy (CO2 Slush)

> Dermal Fillers (Soft Tissue Augmentation)

> Earlobe Reduction

> Fat Transfer

> Hair Transplant and Platelet Rich Plasma (Tru-PRP)

> Intense Pulse Light / Photofacial (IPL)

> Kybella® (Deoxycholic Acid) Injection

> Lasers

> Laser Hair Removal

> Minimal Incision Facelift

> miraDry

> Nipple Reduction Surgery

> O-Shot (Orgasm Enhancement)

> Sclerotherapy

> secretRF (Non-surgical Facial Resurfacing)

> Titan

> Tru-PRP (Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma

> Tumescent Liposuction / Tummy Tuck

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Ready to Get Started?

Facial creases and depressions as well as depressions in other areas of the body can be corrected with an extraordinary procedure called fat transfer. This procedure enables your surgeon to enhance your facial or body contour by extracting fat from one portion of your body and injecting it into another area. It is effective in minimizing creases and grooves and also used to augment cheeks or the chin. Fat transfer is also used for earlobe augmentation. This helps minimize the earlobe’s susceptibility to tearing when wearing large earrings.

Combination Procedures

The photos below are of a combination procedure involving fat transfer to the lower eyelids followed by resurfacing with the fractional CO2 laser, supplementing and enhancing the final results.

How it Works

Fat transfer is performed in your doctor’s office. During the fat transfer procedure, the fat is taken from your own body – unlike other procedures used to correct depressions. This eliminates any allergic reactions or the possibility of rejection. The donor site is often chosen based upon patient preference. The hip, buttocks, thighs, or lower abdomen are all areas in women from which fat may easily be withdrawn. In males, the donor region is often the flank area, right above the hips. During the procedure, your surgeon injects a local anesthetic agent into the site with the thick fat layer. Fat cells are drawn into a syringe and carefully re-injected into the recipient site. Your doctor repeats this process until the desired amount of fat is transferred and the crease or depression is corrected.

There is little discomfort associated with the procedure, and the patient can bathe the next day. Make-up can be worn on treated facial areas after 24 hours. A small amount of bruising is common. Patients usually resume normal activities within a day but should avoid strenuous exercise for a week.

Fat transfer is a safe, effective way to counteract the effects of time and gravity. Most patients who use the procedure to correct deep creases, grooves, or depressions or augment an area are delighted with the results. The cosmetic surgeons at Northeast Dermatology and SKIN are experts in helping people develop and maintain a healthier, more attractive, and younger appearance. Our skilled surgeons specialize in fat transfers and have used their skill, knowledge, and experience to help numerous patients combat the effects of aging and look more attractive.

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